Dustin Robertson was already a signed director in LA at O Pictures, directing music videos on MTV at age twenty, when he graduated CalArts with a BFA in Experimental Filmmaking.

The combination of Dustin’s passion and talent, the seduction of fierce fast fashion and the excitement of global pop icons fueled the explosion of Dustin’s overnight meteoric rise to legendary status as AVIDDIVA- AVID editor to the DIVAs- well-known among the very well-known- Hollywood’s best kept secret. View AVIDDIVA below.

No representative.  No producer.  No agent.  Dustin reigned supreme as a top, trailblazing, pioneering editor with the most accomplished directors and artists on the planet, back to back, job after job, by word of mouth of his talent alone for twenty years.

Matthew Rolston.   David LaChapelle.   Francis Lawrence.   Paul Hunter.   Dave Meyers.   Hype Williams.   X.   F. Gary Gray.   The Hughes Brothers.   Jean-Baptiste Mondino.   Brett Ratner.   Steven Klein.   Nick Knight.   Mert + Marcus.   Terry Richardson.   Tom Ford.

Madonna.  Gaga.  JLo.  Janet.  Mariah.  Gwen.  Christina.  Shakira.  Cher.  Whitney.  Britney.  Katy.  Kim & Kanye.

Dustin continued to direct as well, completing two feature length documentary films, PUMPING VELVET (2003, 104 minutes) and REMIX (2007, 88 minutes).  Both films toured film festivals worldwide.  Pumping Velvet won several awards including Best Editing at the Fire Island Film Festival in New York.

Dustin also directed music videos for Geffen Records, American Recordings, Capitol Records and Madonna (Boy Toy Inc) and rebranded Swarovski Crystal, among many other commercial clients.

Today, Dustin directs fashion films, beauty spots and music videos full time and edits for himself.  Dustin’s signature, iconic, refined editorial style is unique to him (often imitated never duplicated) and compliments his nurtured, graphic, slick and rhythmic directorial sensibilities.

Dustin has been developing a mainstream Hollywood motion picture project called DOORWAY, based on a true story, about an all female music video production company inspired by the strong, brave women he encountered at O Pictures. 

With the #metoo movement at the forefront of current events, DOORWAY is proving to be a validating echo chamber for these issues women face in the workplace.  Timing is indeed everything.  Dustin is excited to finally bring this movie event to full manifestation now.



The PREVIOUS editorial work of

Dustin Robertson aka AVIDDIVA.